Friday, May 20, 2011


There isn't need for much explanation. My sweetest, most adorable, best friend in the whole world got married on April 29th 2011. Admire her beauty because she was a vision.
That entire weekend was so fun. And i couldn't be happier with her choice of an eternal companion but i must say it was a little bit of a tease to spend such a short weekend there. I wish i could have had more time with her family and friends.
That girl converted me to Cali. It's weird.

So now i'm back in Rexburg with Kim who i thought was dependable but she stumbled across this amazing, sweet, sincere guy too. So now she's a little preoccupied with her infatuation with a young man named Jack. (whom i adore. ugh)
What's a girl to do?
So tonight Kim and I got on facebook and stalked a couple girls that have potential to be my next BFF. We had kind of a tryout. So who will it be huh? I would tell you the top 5 but i think i'd be crossing some kinda of creepin' line or something. Something to do with privacy or whatever.
So this weekend i'm going to casually go on a couple secret girl dates (meaning they won't know they're a nominee for my next bff) and i'll find one! We'll eat ice cream together and paint our fingernails and take long walks talking about our sorrows and it'll be perfect. I have high hopes for this next one. New BFF i know your out there.


Taneil said...

So When is my audition? Friday?

cameron said...

I'm embarrassed that this is the only way I was able to come up with making contact... but Facebook does an incredible job and blocking any form of communications when you're blocked.
Hopefully Taneil gets notified of this comment?
I couldn't remember the "ballroombabe" email to save my life. Unless it's "ballroombabe15" which.. I JUST remembered... Awk

I just wanted to reach out and say congrats. Congrats on serving a mission, and being engaged!
My friends see you in Utah from time to time and I see your family up here at some of the most random places. I've always loved your family, and it's nice catching up with them.
After these conversations with my friends or your family, I obviously think of you and think back to my last memory with you which was showing you my engagement ring. For the life of me and my recollection, we were on good terms. I know we went through some rough times when I first got home, so sometimes I'm haunted thinking I owe you an apology, and we may have left on horrible terms.
Soon after what I thought was the last time I saw/heard from you (showing you engagement ring) I was deleted from your life, I got married, you went on a mission, and 4 years later I'm only given random snippets on your life when my friends (mainly John Kim) is OVERLY excited (TOO excited) that he ran into you and just has to tell someone about it. He would then vox (Walky talky) me and do his classic game of "I know something you don't" and make me beg to tell me what he has to tell me. He thrives on this. Don't know why. He's always been like that. Loves to see me beg.
You were my best friend longer than anyone else, so I'm always happy when he randomly springs something about you to me. It does seem to trigger a chain of events inside of me which eventually leads me to wonder why a good friend suddenly vanished, which makes me question the terms we left on.
I hope you're happy, and for all I know you could already be married! A part of me always wonders if my last memory isn't correct, and that there's a reason I was suddenly blocked from social platforms/exiled on a remote island. If there is a reason, I'm sorry for anything I may have done/said. My wife often tells me I was a complete weirdo when we were first dating, and I was one of those extreme RMs letter of the law/no mercy/weirdo. it was a hard adjustment for me. And I remember some things I said that were wrong, and extreme.
I wouldn't mind seeing how things have been and what you're up to. It's almost embarrassing that John contacts me when he bumps into you. He thrives off the fact I don't know anything. I courtesy thank him, but it always takes me back to a place of wonder.
If you don't get this.. Maybe when you have 5 kids you'll remember you once had a blog, and you can tell your kids about this weirdo you once knew.
Otherwise, I hope this meets you well, and I hope we left on good terms.
Take care whit