Sunday, April 26, 2009

Okay i guess its about time i updated this blog. I only have like 4 followers so i guess it doesn't really matter what i say. So i'll just tell you whats going on in my life right now.
I have 13 more days of high school. I'm sooooo excited i've had senioritis since i was a freshman. This friday i'm going to Lagoon with the Choir :-) yay! Next week we start graduation practice. I don't really understand why we practice every day for a month just to learn how to walk and then sit in the right seat. It really shouldn't take that long but i guess we do have quite a few kids in my class have spent their fair share of time killing brain cells just for fun. Now i think of it a month isn't nearly enough time. Lets start now.
But actually this year has gone by pretty fast. I was the school's activity leader and it was super fun. I think i'll plan one more activity before the school year is over. Any ideas? I still need to find a job. I mean to go job hunting but my best friend is getting his mission call soon and i need to spend as much time with him before i dont have the option any more. Ah i cant believe he's leaving me here alone :'-( but i did get accepted to BYU-I but i don't start until Janurary so i need to stay busy until then. Overall though i need some money, which is pretty hard to come by these days. It kind of ticks me off. when you all graduated high school the world was all new and sparkly full of opportunities but here i go off into a world with a failing government and a lot of disappointment. Kind of annoying but whatever i'll live off of ramen noodles the rest of my life its cool. No i'll take on the challenges with a smile. Being homeless might be fun. Its kind of like one big camp out (of coarse i've never actually really done that cuz my parents prefer a motor home) but how bad could it be. You dont really have to ever do laundry or clean your house (there isn't one) or pay for electricity..etc. You can meet new friends every day and travel a lot. Now i think about it why aren't more people homeless? Sounds pretty great to me. I did see a really sad one the other day :-( she had a mullet and a little cardboard sign that something like "God bless you" uh if i was homeless my sign would probably say something like "give me money" or "empty out your cup holders here" or "cardboard sign $10.00"
My sign would be cute though with lots of colors. Who was the first homeless to use a cardboard sign cause i bet he is so famous by now.
But i have to go Cameron is calling.....


Ty and Shay said...

Where do they even get the pieces of cardboard.... do you think there is a homeless sign depot. And then they all have to pay 10% of their earnings to the Depot for the use of the beautiful sign! Thanks for the update! I cant wait to see your performance on Wed! See you soon!

Taneil said...

You should take a picture of your beautiful sign on put it one this blog. So 15 days huh! Make sure and get me tickets for your graduation! You know what your should pieces of posterboard, decorate them with your saying and have them in your car to give to those homeless people...I think they would really appreciate it!