Monday, December 28, 2009

Hunger Games

If you have not yet read the Hunger Games by Susan Collins then you need to rush over to the bookstore immediately. That was seriously one of the best books i've read in a long time. There is only two out right now but the third one is said to be coming out around the 24th of August 2010. So quite a while....darn it....
If you were thinking of reading this series i will tell you this. Susan Collins loves to place you at the edge of your seat right at the end of the chapter. The climax of the chapter is literally the last line. So if you thought "oh i'll just read to the end of this chapter and then stop" It IS IMPOSSIBLE! It's like annoying. I read it in one sitting because you just can not stop. This book is highly addictive so be careful. :)
Team Peeta!!!

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