Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hope Wraps

It started in my Sociology Class when Brother Wray asked us to start a project. Any Project. To do our part in helping any issue for the world today. So I thought about it and decided that i wanted to choose something I am passionate about. So i came up with Hope Wraps.
When my sister Chelsie lost her hair from cancer, it was really hard for her. She always wore a bandana or hat or wig. Only a couple of us ever got to see her with out one on. It was a trial losing her hair but she definitely made the best of it. She was inspiring and beautiful. So i decided i wanted to do my part to help young girls like Chelsie cope with the effects of cancer. I bought silky material that can breathe well (so you can stay cool) and is also very soft and comfortable (so you can sleep comfortably) I cut them into large squares and then in half to large triangles.
We hemmed each side with different color string, depended on the material. Then on the shorter sides I tied thick string about an inch apart to give the wraps a urban feel. Just tie in a knot at bottom of string. It takes a while to complete each wrap but it's so worth the time because some young girl might really love wearing it in the hospital. I choose fun trendy colors and designs. In each Wrap i included a pamphlet that i designed with some different ideas for tying the wrap. I took them to the same hospital in Salt Lake that my sister went to.

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Ty and Shay said...

Love them! This was the coolest project ever, I hope you continue to make them.