Thursday, May 20, 2010

Funny how life works out somtimes....

It's very true that i have not been on my blog for sometime and i thought it was time for a little update for those who are interested. Here i am in my third semester of school and BYU-I and this one is by far the hardest. Although my Biology and Chemistry classes are consuming much of my time (what i thought was Free Time) I still can't help but feel so blessed. This is another one the many adventures of Whitney Brown. I've learned so much more about 'Learning'. I'm completely learning about actually applying my self to my studying and it's very fascinating. I'm sure you've had those days when you've decided that you have reached your maximum capacity of knowledge and its time to just use what you've already got and go. I think I assumed that i was past the point of learning more. Somehow i just thought I would just get by with memorizing the information, testing on it, forgetting it and then continuing on. But my eyes have been opened my friends. :) I really am fascinated in how much more there is to learn. God's creations are incredible and that is undeniable. So anyway! I'm kind of in this faze right now where I'm completely content with spending my days in the library and doing homework. It's not that I'm really enjoying my time spent in the small wooden cubicles, but i am content there. I have the most amazing people around me teaching me more and more everyday. My dear roommate is such a sweetheart. I honestly hope that each and everyone of you will come into her path at some point in your lives because she's adorable! She wrote me the cutest letter the other day that completely made me day! She's so sincere and just genuinely thoughtful to the people around her. She just listens to all my thousands of stories about me and Cam and she never gets annoying, she just listens and asks questions. She wrote him a letter about how she is just so excited to meet him someday and that she really feels like she knows him already :) Oh speaking of Mister Cameron. I got to talk to him a week ago for Mother's Day!!! How am I the luckiest girl in the whole world? Really. I have the most amazing guy! It's actually really hard for me to find the right words to describe how i feel. And those of you who know me, know that doesn't happen very often but i think it's just part of being in love i guess. I will just say, he's completely perfect. I've grown so much from just being a part of his mission. I've grown to love the people he's teaching as well, even though i can't be there. I honestly hope I'll get to meet all of them someday. He's such an amazing missionary. If you wanna know about that come ask me about it and I'd love to tell you more, there's so many amazing stories to tell. It does seem odd that I've already experienced real and undeniable love and here i am 19 years old. Sometimes, you just have to laugh at the way life works out i suppose. But other then the fact that i'm surrounded with people who i adore, I am loving my life. I love experiencing the fulfillment of independence :) Somehow I have a greater grasp the endless possibilities the world has for me. Like I can get anywhere if i can just work for it. It's kind of fun isn't it? I don't know what will happen tomorrow or this next year but I can't help but be excited for whatever is in my plan. This life is beautiful if we surround ourselves with beautiful things. The world is beautiful on the Lord's side.... isn't it. :)

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