Saturday, June 5, 2010

Whitney says, "Hi"

Good Morning friends and family. Saturday morning is the best but its usually way hard for me to be productive because there is usually nothing planned :) love that! I love no plans. Mr. Cameron sent me some cute pictures and a tape of him talking to me today. What a sweet guy. He made a 2 hour long tape for me. It does seem funny that i haven't seen him for 10 months yet he still makes me so happy. I still get all giddy and giggly when i read his letters. Haha its kinda nerdy huh. He's still the most exciting thing in my world.
Collage is hard. Did you know that? This semester is so much work. I can't think of a time... before i was working on homework all day every day. It's paying off for sure but i can't help but to think its a bit crazy. Only like 2 months left of this semester and then i can have a nice break.

Big Juds? Um well the truth is i didn't remember the feeling you have while waddling out like you just ate a full cow, when i agreed to go again. It's all about the experience though right? That's what we had to keep telling each other. We simply must do this. How else will we tell everyone we know that we ate a pound burger?

Do you remember these picture booths? It's very hard to get all three people in there but its so worth it. Wouldn't you agree.


Heather said...

Finally you post! :)

Taneil said...

Love your posts. We need a glimpse of your life sometimes. I wish you could boycot school for the reunion. It's gonna be no fun with out you. Hurry and get your homework done and come. If you want I can help you with your Anat and Phys if you bring it....well you'd get some poor scores but Cory could correct them!!!! Love you