Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

What a celebration it is today! Thank you for choosing to be a part of this glorious holiday. Oh but you don’t need to restrain from shouting or even frolicking about your computer room. There is no need for holding back today because today I personally give you permission. You are free to turn on the radio and play the Journey CD on replay or even the Cars theme song because today is a day to celebrate. Today is a holiday. But it’s sort of a funny one at that. Like most holiday’s it only comes once a year but this holiday actually only happens once. Ever. This is thee only day of your entire life that you will be able to document this particular celebration. In fact walk away from the computer right now and fetch your journal. If you are anyone but my sisters of mom you probably only write in it on New Years anyway. In fact you might as well even title the page as a new year because it is in a sense a new year to many of us. Document August 5, 2010 as the day that Elder Jensen has been out a year on his mission! Let us have a moment of silent happiness…..

Today I and many others have reached the top of the steep mountain. I am standing high at the top and I’m ready for the speedy descent. I’m ready to start counted backwards towards 1. I’m ready to start getting nervous and planning my outfit for our first reuniting. What should I say to him or how should I do my hair? Oh but I’m ready. I’m half way there and I’m feeling strong. The first half was tough but I learned so much. I’m ready to write it the next chapter. What else can we learn? What ever it might be I'll take it. After all running down hill is a lot smoother then climbing up. One more year Elder Jensen. I could not be more proud of you.

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Jordyn Elizabeth said...

Cammy Cam Cam!!! Ill help you decide an outfit. =)