Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello my sweet followers (all 14 of you)
It has been some time since i have been on. So what shall we discuss here tonight?
Should it be a bit comical or very solemn?
I say a bit of both.
Let’s talk about the economy. Hahaha jk. That was the comical part.
I almost have a blank mind at what to write about because I feel like my life has been so routine lately. Everything, besides a few odd encounters, has been pretty standard. But I shall keep on writing even so.
On Sunday my brother-in-law blessed my sister’s baby in church. So naturally my entire family came up to Utah!! After church we all retired to the house to eat, eat, eat! There is nothing that can really compare to enjoying a meal with the company of your whole family and all the kidlets running around. (Holy cow, it feels like there are three times more when they are together) Anyways it was so much fun to simply be with everyone. I just love my family! Family is the most splendid blessing I think we are given. I can only praise my dear parents for doing such an outstanding job at raising them. I could’t ask for a better life! I was also accompanied by a dear friend who traveled all the way from Provo ☺ The entire day was a success.
If I had a billion dollars I would probably buy a beautiful mansion in the Caribbean and kidnap my entire family and make everyone live there! It’ll be great. Who’s in?


Taneil said...

I'll be there...but I'm not doing all the cooking! Can we hire a cook?

Ashlee said...

Will you kidnap me too? I feel like we're family. And we have, after all, already made plans to live together forever...

Ty and Shay said...

me! Lets go! Are you paying? Love you