Sunday, October 17, 2010

yo ho maties yo ho

... yes i have returned from the radiant blue seas of the Caribbean. For those of you that noticed i was gone. I can't begin to describe how much i love to travel to new places. The Caribbean was fascinating. It did open my eyes a bit to new thoughts and ideas. I couldn't believe how poor some of those people lived. Especially in Belize. It was rough there. They lived off tourists and they let us know. They weren't shy about their situation at all. There was one lady named Chantelle who talked to me for a while. She told me that if she could tell me one thing it would be to be grateful for my parents. She said they do so much for me. I noticed she was walking around the streets trying to sell some wooden carvings she made. She told me she had two children that were in school and she didn't have a husband. So she tried to make as much money as she could while they were in school so she could feed them. It made me feel so guilty like i was taking this whole life i've been given for granted. Here i am in a nice place where i have means to feed myself and live comfortably. While there were thousands of people living in small wooden shacks with dirt floors. Living of 4 dollars a day. I'm so selfish. I really want to make a lot of money one day so i can go back and help some of those people. I know that sounds a bit silly but i'm so serious. Those people were so sweet and humble.
Alo while i was there i drove a moped around an entire island, i swam with hundreds of string rays and even kissed one, i took a jungle safari one a small river boat and then took a land rover through the same jungle and saw leaves the size of the vehicle i was riding in, and i meet this really charming Australian guy on a plane. i would definitely use the word fantastic or wonderful to describe the vacation. Such an adventure...

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