Monday, November 23, 2009

Chapter 19- De Ja Vu

I haven't been on here for so long so I decided to update everyone. So if you want me to keep updating then comment so I will be motivated to keep going. Well it has been a crazy time. For the last 3 months and 18 days I have gone into a sort of coma called repetition. Everyday is very similar. I wake up, go to work, go to school, come home, get on face book, do homework, go to sleep. The only sanity I seem to possess comes from this new TV show called Glee that is on Wednesdays. But not it’s all bad because on Friday I get a letter from, well I’m not exactly what to call him now. Existing boyfriend who now lives across the country/ best friend who I clandestinely love/ Missionary? Anyway I get a letter once a week from him, which seems to recuperate my sanity once again and allow me to make it through another week of madness. You see I work in a restaurant, if you’ve ever been a waitress you know exactly the attitude I am referring. It is so odd how the kitchen seems to attract every convict and criminal we have in the whole city. That isn’t even mentioning the dishwashers. I’m not saying that these aren’t decent nice men, but undeniably from the first time we meet I just know this man’s history isn’t a sweet story with flowers and butterflies. More like a book you would find on the back shelf in the adult section with a black cover and a picture of frightened people on the front. Just sayin. You know when I got this job I was quite naive, I just assumed people would be pleasant to the person who is doing everything to make sure their experience is enjoyable. I was surprised to see a considerable amount of the people I serve treat me more like a slave then a waitress. Indications of this is: no eye contact, if ANY thing goes eve slightly wrong it is all your fault, 1 dollar tip. Just so everyone is aware the waitress does not cook the food, they are normal people (most of the time), and they do depend on their tips for most of their pay. The tip isn’t just a little extra thing you get for being sweet. Keep that in mind ☺
So I have been registering all night and as a freshman I get all the classes no one else wanted and all the classes I wanted are full. Nice. I anyone knows of some fun classes they took and think I would enjoy tell me. All of my classes are going to be torturous so I might need a little fun once in a while. It’ll will be a fun semester at BYU “I do”. That’s the funny thing is before I got there everyone made the same little comments like “you’ll be married your first semester”. I always just thought they were exaggerating but nope. Not saying I will be married because I’m waiting for Cam but seriously it’s like entering a jungle of lion and I am just a small gazelle. Like I am being hunted. I’m sure every girl can say a similar thing except the one who willingly run out in the open to be consumed. You can always tell the ones who want to marry by 20 and start having children so they won’t have to work a day in their life and just simply ride off into the sunset. Fortunately I am not that girl. Not yet at least. Jk When my lion comes home I won’t feel like a frightened gazelle but instead a beautiful lioness. Only 21 more months of this though.


Taneil said...

I think you deserve a $20 tip. Love ya -
I loved Jazz dance, Ballroom dance, voice lesson, communications, pottery, and gymnastics!!!

MsBreann09 said...

Yeah i actually just signed up for a beginning music class. It's a big risk but i think it'll will a fun experience. So we'll see

Ty and Shay said...

ya right you didn't do gymnastics! ha ha ha! Whitney I want to see you in a leotard... you are just a small gazelle. such a cute one, don't blame all the Lions for trying.